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      Company News

      Anhui chaotic stream pressure valve Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (Tongling Wantong Valve Co., Ltd.) is a subsidiary of Tongling Vientiane Enterprise Group (formally reorganized in 2010), the company has a long history, located in the 'bronze are' Tongling , adjacent to the scenic Huangshan Mountain, Jiuhuashan Buddhist resort. To meet the market development, reform and reorganization of the company shares the implementation of the product from development to production and sales of a single set of professional design, manufacture and sales of integrated casting joint-stock enterprises. And Jinqiao industrial park in Tongling city invested heavily in a new area of over 48,000 square meters of production base of the valve, Group Managing Director for the East China region are planning to build a large production base of the valve. 
      We always adhere to the quality of survival, technology and development. The company now has high, intermediate and technical personnel 57 people, other than 200 employees, has a modern machining center, CNC machine tools, metal cutting machine plasma arc powder surfacing, general machine tools and other production equipment 365 sets. 
      Our main products are: gate valve, globe valve, ball valve, butterfly valve, check valve, control valve, high temperature and pressure valve, American Standard API valves, high pressure pipe fittings, flanges, bellows valves, and non-standard valves and other dozens of varieties, the products are widely used in electricity, gas, gas, petroleum, chemical, boilers, pharmaceutical, chemical fertilizer, metallurgy, mining, nuclear industry, electronics, urban construction, etc. industries. 
      Chaotic stream high-pressure valves will provide you with the most favorable policies, at any time with you to provide you with the highest quality of service, even if you now is not the partner of my company, but as long as the company you need help, whether it is providing technical advice or send engineers on-site assistance, I will be a full range of support you! Expected in the near future you can also stream high-pressure valves to become chaotic users! Welcome to the new and old customers come to visit and guide our company!