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      Leadership Speech

      Dear old and new customers, colleagues Friends:
                                    Hello everybody!
           Anhui duxi high and middle pressure valve making Co., Ltd. abbreviation ADF is a professional design, manufacture and sales of joint-stock enterprises. After several years of ups and downs, in the community support and joint efforts of all employees, companies have been expanding, the business flourished in the valve industry has made extraordinary achievements. ADF Companies adhering to the "integrity, pragmatic and innovative "ideas, the community has won wide support and endorsement. I thank every member of staff dedicated the last bit, but look forward to the family of ADF to the company through thick and thin together in the pursuit of progress and development. We would like to "people-oriented, scientific management " approach, under the guidance of "attitude is everything, the details determine the success or failure"as a code of conduct, in innovation and development, in development for harmony. In return for each customer on the ADF's long-standing support and trust, we must continue to uphold the "no fault of the customer, not only the perfect product " of this philosophy, commitment toproduct innovation, technological innovation and product structure adjustment, Better products, more efficient and more competitive prices to meet customer requirements. ADF company's success depends on all walks of life help, I wish to express my sincere gratitude. We would like to create a better future with all friends, return to the community for the benefit of one party.